Back up and running

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This pretty much says it all

As folks earlier this week might have noticed the site was blacklisted by Google. It turned out some hacker’s bot had infiltrated my WordPress account and inserted a bunch of nasty redirects to malware sites.

Getting hacked at any time is shitty, but finding the free time to deal with this was problematic. I have spent many late nights (leading to early mornings) this past week trying to fix things. The hardest part wound up being the frigging permalinks. On the bright side the site is back in working order. This was a sobering reminder for me to take better care of my site, lest some malware bot look at it as abandoned property. Real life work has kept me distracted from the site, reducing its output considerably. I intend to fix this soon as I have a few posts simmering and almost ready for prime time. I intend to keep the Reptipage up and running for as long as possible. That includes keeping it updated with new content.

Sorry for the delay folks. We can now return to our regularly scheduled blogging.


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One Response to Back up and running

  1. Avatar Jacqs
    Jacqs says:

    Just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for creating such an amazing site. You’ve answered all of my research questions in sufficient detail to prevent me from feeling patronised but somehow made it so interesting that I ended up reading far more than I needed to know.