30 days end.

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Well here it is, March 3rd already. I must admit I am shocked with how quickly the time has flown. I’m even more shocked that throughout it all, I had less than a week’s worth of “meh” posts. I’m also proud to say that barring one close call (due to coming in late from watching the hilarious movie: Be Kind Rewind), I was able to hit my daily deadlines with no trouble.

I guess this blogging stuff isn’t as hard as I thought. 🙂

Though the pressure to put out something new-daily, is now gone, I don’t intend to slack off. I probably won’t have something new everyday, but I will be keeping my eyes on the news, and when I come across a story that I think is worth following, I’ll let everyone know here. I also have a few rants built up that I’ve been itching to get out, so writer’s block no longer seems to be a problem.

Still this isn’t how I intended to end my 30 day challenge. As I reported two week ago, today was the day the Aetogate results were to be announced. Yet here it is almost 5 PM PST, and we’re still waiting to hear back from the NM Dept of Cultural Affairs. It looks like this might stretch into tomorrow.

Till then, I and much of the VP community will be waiting with baited breath.

Thanks for reading.

More to come.


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