Valentine’s advice for the forgotten.

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When children are asked what they want to be when they grow up, most give answers that they are not particularly tied to. Astronaut, police officer, president. Much of the time this is just said to appease the teacher. Some children, though, do know what it is they want to get from life. These kids are the dream chasers.

Many people give up their dreams too early in life. Far too many are willing to sell off their dreams for instant gratification. Their only regrets coming 15 years down the line when they ask the inevitable:

“What happened to my life?

Those of us that never stopped pushing for the goals we had set for ourselves early on in life, will eventually achieve the pride of knowing that we never gave up. We kept reaching for the proverbial brass ring, until we got it. For these folks; determination, discipline, and willing sacrifice are the tools. Pride is the reward, and loneliness is the burden.

It’s seems so hard for many to understand how someone could have so much of their life planned out in advance. Yet, after a mid-life introspection, it is often these same people that encourage the next generation to never give up on their life goals. So us die hards are obviously doing something right.

That said; as a dream chaser, one must be prepared to deal with a seemingly endless gauntlet of detractors and nay sayers. They might be parents who encourage your dreams, but advise alternate goals. They might be advisors in school who insist that you try other things to “make sure this is what you want to do.” They are often friends who just don’t get why you don’t like to “party,” or members of the opposite sex who just don’t get you at all.

Dreamers can often find themselves feeling alone out there, but that’s just because so few people stay on this path in life to begin with. Dreamers are lonely because they have blazed the trail further than any of their peers. While the price for achieving our dreams is often a high one, we wouldn’t be making these sacrifices if we didn’t think it was worth it in the end.

I guess this was my long-winded way of wishing the dream chasing set good luck for today; the holiday that punishes people for being single, and encourages folks to lose sight of their ultimate goals.

Today might suck, but it will pass. Don’t let the influx of culture driven hormones, distract you from what you really want in life. Remember that it is more important to live the life you want, than to just live. Never give up, and never lose sight of your goal.

It’s worth it in the end.

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One Response to Valentine’s advice for the forgotten.

  1. Now what are you stating? You really instruct people not to get in love because this will ruin their life? Of course I don’t agree with relationships formed solely due to social pressures – to fit in -, but if two people truely love each other, or one seeks to find love, we aren’t in the position to object to them.