A comment about…comments.

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I think things have finally gotten to the point, where I might need to instate a comments disclaimer. I’ll probably do that later today, but until then:

  1. All first time comments require authorization. Not because I care about what you are going to say, but because I don’t like spam.
  2. If you want to comment on how well done (or not) my site is, that’s fine, but you better mention some specifics, else I’m going to assume more spam.
  3. I suppose I could mention something about not posting porn sites, but that’s basically a spam related problem anyway.

Basically, post whatever you want; just no spam.


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2 Responses to A comment about…comments.

  1. FYI, I wrote a plugin to block comment spam without resorting to captchas called WP Captcha-Free (Sorry for the shameless plug, I hope you dont take this as comment spam 😉 ). It uses a combination of time based hash and ajax to block spam (or atleast ensure the comment was manually posted). I use it myself of both my blogs and now get zero spam from an earlier 40+ per day. This doesn’t replace Akismet but does complement it very well. You can check it out at http://wordpresssupplies.com/wordpress-plugins/captcha-free/

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I might just give that a shot.