New Site Design

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Well the Reptipage has been up for almost 9 years now. Sadly, about 5 of those years were spent in stasis. Due to lack of time on my part, as well as lack of resources (both academically and developer wise), my site quickly became stagnantt. I’ve finally decided to change that, and the first step is to drag my site kicking and screaming, into the land of Web 2.0.

Hence, the blog.

Personally, I hate that term. Before weblogs were known as blogs, they were originally just called: “What’s New.” It was a simple phrase that was illustrative of what one would expect (i.e. new developments on the site). This blog is going to follow more along these lines.

That said, I also intend to use this space to talk about the latest news stories involving natural history. Especially the natural history of reptiles and their ilk. For despite 9 years of service online, the web is still remarkably deficient in reptile information (with the exception of the ever growing field of herpetoculture).

Since blogs allow for user feedback, I welcome responses. Over the years I’ve also received various e-mail questions, but have rarely had the time to answer them. I hope that by offering the option for instant feedback here, I’ll be able to answer more questions effectively. If I don’t, there’s a good chance that someone else who is reading the comments, can lend their 2 cents in.

Expect a fair amount of changes over the next month, or two. Hopefully I’ll be able to finally execute some of the grander ideas that I’ve had for the site. All the previous pages are still available. Just use the links on the side bar to get to where you want to go.
Stay tuned.


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