Intelligent Design on trial

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Science vs Religion Simpsons style
As for science versus religion, I?m issuing a restraining order: Religion must stay 500 yards from science at all times.

This is yet another case of me coming to the party a bit late. I can’t even blame my connection quandaries anymore, as I am now up and running 24/7. I guess I haven’t yet got the hang of this whole “blog” thing. Anyway, on Tuesday (13th Nov) NOVA aired their special on the infamous Dover case. They went over the causes that lead up to it, as well as what was at stake.Though I missed the chance to let folks know about this ahead of time, I can let you guys know that PBS has made the entire show available online.

Just head to:

The special is two hours long, and broken up into 12 chapters. Apparently the ID folks were not happy with the treatment that NOVA was going to give the special (i.e. an objective one), so few proponents agreed to be interviewed. That stance certainly isn’t going to do anything helpful for their cause.

So if you are curious about the whole debate, or are active in it, check out the program. It’s worth watching.

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