NOVA and the factor

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So as I mentioned a few days ago, NOVA had a special on Microraptor gui. Today the show was available for viewing online. After seeing it I must echo the sentiment of others who have watched it. This was not a good documentary at all. The most interesting part was the wind tunnel tests with the various foot positions. The whole “debate” between Larry Martin and the rest of the paleontological community need not have taken place.

Then there was the life portrayals. My god, that has got to have been the worst modeling I have ever seen. CGI couldn’t have been that expensive, as they did use it during the show. I mean, even a half-assed CG attempt would have been better than what they gave us.

Overall: a bust. Sorry NOVA. This time it was a failure.

In other news, Utah paleontologist, Dr. Terry Gates, was featured on Bill O’Reilly last night (available here). It was basically a fluff piece. O’Reilly had Dr. Gates on to discuss some generic dinosaur information, and that’s it. The premise was whether or not global warming wiped out the dinosaurs. O’Reilly didn’t really push that angle though. Instead he opted to send a bunch of softballs to Dr. Gates, who in turn humoured O’Reilly by stating things like: if people were to go back to the Mesozoic, then we would be on the dinner menu of Tyrannosaurus rex. The funniest part of the segment would be when Fox News decided to run pictures of the Walking with Dinosaurs pterosaurs, when they were talking about dinosaurs evolving into birds.

Overall: okay. It was more than I expected to get from a Fox News story. I don’t even think O’Reilly ever cut Dr. Gates’ mic.


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