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  • Site maintenance update

    This should be what people see when they go to make a comment now. If this changes please let me know.

    This is a short status update for the site. When I switched up the theme for the site back in 2014, I did so with the intent of making it more interaction friendly. That included threaded comments and the ability to subscribe to those comments. A couple of days ago I noticed that both the post subscription and comment subscription options had stopped working (the latter had completely disappeared). I dove into the backend to see what was causing the trouble and I think I’ve been able to fix it. Now when you go to a comment or reply there should be a box at the bottom that lets you choose to subscribe to the comment thread and be notified via e-mail if you would like to get updates.

    The other thing I noticed is that I was getting a lot of e-mail bounces for confirmation e-mails on subscriptions. I changed the e-mail for the site to a more Reptipage-specific e-mail, so that should no longer happen anymore.

    NOTE: If you do hit subscribe but still don’t see any confirmation e-mail come through (it should be near instantaneous), check your spam folder. I’ve found that there are quite a few e-mail providers that are autoblocking these confirmation e-mails. If that’s the case, just whitelist the e-mail sent from the site and that should fix the problem.

  • Back up and running

    This pretty much says it all

    As folks earlier this week might have noticed the site was blacklisted by Google. It turned out some hacker’s bot had infiltrated my WordPress account and inserted a bunch of nasty redirects to malware sites.

    Getting hacked at any time is shitty, but finding the free time to deal with this was problematic. I have spent many late nights (leading to early mornings) this past week trying to fix things. The hardest part wound up being the frigging permalinks. On the bright side the site is back in working order. This was a sobering reminder for me to take better care of my site, lest some malware bot look at it as abandoned property. Real life work has kept me distracted from the site, reducing its output considerably. I intend to fix this soon as I have a few posts simmering and almost ready for prime time. I intend to keep the Reptipage up and running for as long as possible. That includes keeping it updated with new content.

    Sorry for the delay folks. We can now return to our regularly scheduled blogging.


  • WordPress upgrade

    If one has noticed a slight change to the blog, it has to do with an upgrade to WordPress. I had been trying get the auto-update to go through, but it was being very stubborn. I have since learned that it was a 1and1 problem (my host), and that I needed to switch to php5.

    Needless to say, the problem has now been solved. If anyone else out there has been having the same problem, or just general issues getting the dashboard to work, consider the php version you are using. It might be what is causing the weirdness.

  • WordPress automatic upgrade.

    While having the ability to manually mess around with any aspect of the blog is a cool feature, one downside to having the manual version of WordPress is that upgrading becomes a bit of a chore. Usually by the time I get around to upgrading, there is a new version of WordPress available by the time I am done.

    So I deal with the frustrating nag in the admin page, urging me to upgrade.

    Well, I need not worry about this anymore. Jeff Bakalar of CNET has given a thorough video tutorial of a neat WordPress plugin called WordPress automatic upgrade.

    The plugin goes through all the tedious steps required to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress. While there are a lot of task screens that must be clicked through, the whole process still goes by substantially faster than before. If you have the manual version of WordPress, I highly recommended WordPress automatic upgrade.

    No more tedium, and no more nags.


  • Argh

    No sooner do I update my WordPress version; a new one comes out. Oh well, now that I know how to do it, things should at least go a whole lot faster.

    I’ll probably do the switch tonight so I no longer have to get constantly bugged about needing to update.



    Update: Well, as expected, that went easily. Everything is (once again) up to date.

  • WordPress update

    I finally got around to updating WordPress to the latest version. It was a little nail-biting at first. I followed the upgrade steps meticulously. After a couple of steps, though, I realized that this is actually pretty stupid easy. The entire process took about 10 minutes (most of that was waiting for things to delete, or upload).

    As is typical, not much has changed on the outset. The backroom is nicer though. It’s easier to add tags, and there is now a tab that lets me switch between the visual layout, and the more useful code layout (very helpful for removing the bloat code that wordpress likes to stick in all the posts).

    Anyway, there you go. Just a minor update to the site, and mostly for my benefit.