_Beelzebufo ampinga_

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Otherwise known as: “The Shielded Devil Frog,” is a recent discovery made in Madagascar, by scientists from University College in London, and Stony Brook University, in New York. This behemoth was about 4.5 kg (~10lbs) in mass, with a length of 40.6 cm (16 inches). It lived during the late Cretaceous, about 70 mya, and appears to be related to the living genus Ceratophrys; more commonly referred to as: Pac Man frogs*.According to researcher David Krause:

“It’s not outside the realm of possibility that Beelzebufo took down lizards and mammals and smaller frogs, and even — considering its size — possibly hatchling dinosaurs,”

I’m sure Dr. Krause either added this bit in for shock value, or because he was being prodded by the journalist interviewing him. It always seems that any creature from the Mesozoic has to always be compared to dinosaurs.

That said, given the relationship of Beelzebufo ampinga to Ceratophrys, I wouldn’t rule dinosaur eating out of the menu either. The living animals are voracious.


* Of course, frogs of the genus: Pyxicephalus, are also referred to as Pac Man frogs, which can lead to confusion. One reason why taxonomic names are preferred over common names.

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