Life in Cold Blood causes sale surge.

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From, we have this interesting bit of news:

Life In Cold Blood Sells Reptiles
According to the UK pet store chain, Pets at Home, more people than ever are interested in owning a reptile as a pet, thanks to BBC’s Life in Cold Blood series. The company reports that sales of Fire-bellied Newts and Albino Clawed Frogs have more than doubled in some stores.

Following the debut of the Sir David Attenborough series on 3rd February, and its second instalment[sic] the following week, Pets at Home received a surge of enquiries from customers regarding keeping reptiles and amphibians as pets.

Follow the link for more. I think that this is just awesome that a documentary can spark the public’s interest this much. it will be interesting to see if an effect similar to this will be seen when the series hits U.S. shores.

Till then, I wait…and remind folks that while the interest in owning a reptile as a pet is great; do make sure that you have done your homework on the particular species that you are interested in maintaining. After all, we are talking about living beings here; not toys.


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