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  • Out of stasis once more

    Weyland-Yutani stasis pod concept art.
    Weyland-Yutani stasis pod concept art.

    Visitors to the site may have noticed that it has been stuck in archive mode for the past however many months. This only recently came to my attention when I had noticed a lack of update nags from WordPress. Further investigation revealed that comments were no longer going through, nor were new posts. Given the global lockdown of the site I suspected that I was either hacked (again!) or that there was a database issue. A quick scan from Sucuri eliminated the first option (or at least made it less likely), which led me to check the database.


    Lo and behold I found that the Reptipage database is currently holding at  approximately 150 MB. Unfortunately,  my current webhost (1and1.com) had a hard limit of 100 MB for databases at my current hosting level. I say “had” because they have since bumped database sizes up to 1GB. The problem was that any old databases currently in use were still subjected to this hard limit. I was 50MB over the hard limit so the MYSQL database was locked down. Hence the lack of updates, comments, posts, etc. I would have caught this sooner, but the demands of my current job have caused the site to get backburnered.

    The site is now on a new database that has more legroom to it and I’m now aware of this looming problem (the DB isn’t 1GB now, but it will be in the future). I’m looking into spreading the Reptipage across a few databases using the hyperDB plugin. We’ll see where it goes.


    Also, there has been a bit of a lull in my current workflow that has freed up some time that I intend to devote to writing again. Between T. rex autopsy and Jurassic World (both coming out in a few weeks) there is no shortage of excitement, controversy and overall butthurt on the internet that I can talk about. There has also been a bevy of cool new things regarding extant reptiles which I intend to get back to covering.

    So that is the current status of things. I have some posts in the hopper that should be coming out shortly. I apologize for having the site in archive mode for so long.

    Time to get back to business.

    ~ Jura