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  • Site revamps and more on Aetogate.

    Visitors last night might have noticed the status of the front page got kinda screwy last night. I was attempting to meld my old Java applet menu, with the current menu. As is evident by today, I had no luck. So I’m still looking into fixing that. I’ve also been working on dragging the rest of my site into the 21st century, by making some simple, but useful CSS and PHP templates. Everything seems to be working out pretty well (though it sure takes a lot of time to sift through).

    So far, I only have one page on my site using the template. Each page needs to be converted over, which means I have to make sure all the old code gets changed over. In the process I’m making sure everything stays XHTML compliant. For some pages, it’s easy. For others, eh, not so much. Feel free to leave an feedback on the new design (I already know that there is a format issue with screens running a 1024×768 resolution. I’m working on fixing that).

    On the Aetogate front, Bill Parker and Jeff Martz have both provided comments to the DCA’s results and Lucas’s response(pdf). I can only link to Bill Parker’s response right now (I can’t find Jeff’s). It’s definitely worth reading. Parker provides plenty of supporting documentation to back up his claims and help remove the “he said. she said” stuff that was going on in Lucas’s response.

    When I find Dr. Martz’s response, I’ll link to it here.