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  • Site update

    So I’ve been working on dragging the rest of my site into the 21st century. While most of this work has been just transcribing of old code to new code, I didn’t want to just wind up rehashing all of my old info.

    I mean there are only so many ways that one can remix the same stuff.

    As the meat of the site was meant to contain species information, I thought it would be nice if my first revamped species page, was a new one.

    So I went and made one.

    I had been meaning to write about Chlamydosaurus kingii (i.e. the frilled lizard) for a long time now. They have been a lacertilian favourite of mine. It’s rather sad that there is not much written about these guys, save for the occasional herpetocultural article, or the rather glib Wikipedia article.

    Now, while I could have just gone and updated Wikipedia with this info, I wanted to have it on my site first. I mean, if I’m going to be the person to flesh out this species, then it’s only fair that I give my site first dibs.

    Much of the article was culled from data in Shine & Lambeck, 1989. This was, and still is the most comprehensive review of this species. It is interesting to note that this reference is used in the Wikipedia article, but not for any of the more interesting info.

    For example, as can be read in the article, frilled lizards are unique in being the only extant reptile that is an obligate biped. You’d think that would get more attention. Hmmph, it must be that distracting frill. 🙂

    There you go. A new update with actual new content.

    This might just become a pattern. 🙂