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    30 Days

    Okay, so I originally intended this to start on February 1st, but I wanted to get WordPress updated first. Having surfed internet, and dealt with web design for over a decade now, I’ve had the opportunity to watch as fads come and go. I’ve also had the chance to see exactly what it is that creates a following. In the case of blogs, webcomics and podcasts, content may be key, but consistency is just as important. One can have the most amazing blog in the world, but if it is only updated once a year, then there won’t be much of a following behind it.This brings me to my site. The rate at which I’m putting up new content is just this shy of pathetic (I do have many more reptile pages in the works, I’m just short of pictures, design and time). The blog/what’s new is doing pretty well though. Last week I decided that one thing I could do to help the site, would be to post more often. The problem I have is that, contrary to what the length of these contributions would assume, I really don’t have much to talk about. This makes it hard for me to want to log on and make a post.In other words it’s writer’s block.

    So I thought that the best way for me to overcome this writer’s block and get this blog really up and running, is if I presented a challenge to myself. In this case, the challenge is simple:

    “Spend 30 days writing at least one post per day.”

    So I’m going to give it a shot. From today, the 3rd of February, to 3rd March, I will be posting something new every day. It might be a short “meh” post, or a series of titanic rants about Cheetos, or something. Either way, there will be at least one new thing here during this time span. Hopefully by the end of the run, I will have gotten used to daily writing, and this whole blogging idea will become a little more palatable for me.

    So stay tuned. There’s more to come.