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The lacertilia (aka: Sauria) is the group of reptiles that includes the lizards. This group is a subset of the order Squamata.

The lacertilia is a huge group that comprises 4,610 species and is the largest living group of reptiles.

Lacertilians have adapted themselves to live in almost every environment in the world. They can be found in the tropical rainforests of Brazil and Madagascar, throughout deserts such as the sahara, in the ocean and even in highly urbanized areas of the world.

The lacertilians below are listed by their families and under their superfamilies. Next to the names are a basic description of the types of lizards to be found there. From there it gets broken up into genera, with a species list to follow.

Anguidae The Anguids
Helodermatidae The Beaded Lizards
LanthanotidaeThe Earless Monitor
Varanidae The Monitor Lizards
Xenosauridae The Knob-scaled Lizards
Cordylidae The Girdle-tailed Lizards
Dibamidae The Dibamids
Lacertidae The Lacertids
Scincidae The Skinks
Teiidae The Macroteiids
Gymnophthalmidae The Microteiids
Xantusiidae The Night Lizards
Agamidae The Agamids
Chamaeleonidae The Chameleons
Iguanidae The Iguanid Lizards

Gekkonidae The Geckos
Pygopodidae The Flap Footed Lizards

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