Dr. Horrible comes to a horrible end.

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Oh hey look. An image that didn’t get its formatting messed up by WordPress.

So to speak. If you haven’t seen all 3 acts yet, make sure to head on over to the official site and watch them. They’ll only be there until July 20th. After that, they will be pulled off the (non-bittorrent) net, for work into a DVD.

Overall I had a positive experience with Dr. Horrible’s sing along blog. The songs were catchy and the story was on par with something from The Tick. The final act does take a hard downswing into the realm of drama. This is rather typical for a Joss Whedon series. If one was a fan of Buffy, Angel, or Firefly, then this wont’ be too surprising. Unfortunately the short runtime of the show made the dramatic shift a jarring one.

Early reviews seem to be polarized. Some people liked it, while others felt Joss dropped the ball. Personally I enjoyed it. I like these types of endings more than the more typical “Disney” endings that permeate our current pop culture. I wish that the acts were a little longer though.

Some favourite moments from the show include Captain Hammer explaining “the hammer.”

Dr. Horrible getting all megalomaniacal before signing off from his webcam in act II, only to sign on a second later after finding out who some of his audience members are.

The sneak peak of the league of evil, including the reveal of bad horse (very reminiscent of The Tick).

All the actors did a fantastic job with their roles. It’s always a blast to see the actual actors doing the singing. I did feel that Felicia “The Guild” Day, was underutilized in the show. For the most part, she just played the girl in the middle. It would have been nice if her part was a bit more fleshed out.

Still, I’m sure that most of these folks got to add one more talent to their resumes.

Bonus win points to Joss for included former Buffy writers: Marti Noxon and David Fury (whose last onscreen singing was the Buffy musical).

In the end, it was a neat story. I’ll be curious to see where Whedon and his crew take it from here.

Till then, watch the show if you haven’t. If you have, then go watch it again. Let’s all crash Joss’s servers one last time.


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