A beautiful _Corallus caninus_ picture
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Serpentes, or Ophidia, is the suborder under Squamata that snakes belong to.

The suborder serpentes comprises about 2,911 different species. They are the second largest group of reptiles. Unlike lizards, there are no snakes that have limbs. All are limbless. Still this does not limit them in any way. Snakes live in near every habitat in the world. From nice tropical forests to temperate lattitudes and even in the ocean. Some have adapted specialized stomach enzymes that they inject into their prey as venom. Others prefer to grab and constrict their prey, while others still are pursuit hunters who use raw power to overcome their prey. All in all serpentes is a highly diverse order of creatures.

Do to the huge amount of species involved, it will take some time to get all of them "up and running." Please be patient as there is more to come.

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