"It's alive!
It's alive!"

All drama aside, this section of the site is devoted to all the living, or extant, branches of the reptilia. Here one will find information on today's living alligators & crocodiles, turtles & tortoises, snakes & lizards, tuataras and the enigmatic amphisbaenians. Just click on the links below to be taken to the reptile group of your choice.

Crocodylia Those toothy denizens of the waterways
Lacertilia From chasing insects up walls to tackling deer; find lizards of all shapes and sizes here.
Serpentes Both feared and worshipped, few animals strike the curiosity of man more than the snakes.
Amphisbaenia The 3rd and most cryptic "suborder" of squamates, find out the real story of these "worm lizards."
Chelonia Possibly the most unique of the reptiles, with one of the longest evolutionary histories. See just how much variety one can pull out of these shells.
Rhynchocephalia Long name, short species count. The tuatara is the only surviving member of this once great order. See what makes them so unique.