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  • Site maintenance update

    This should be what people see when they go to make a comment now. If this changes please let me know.

    This is a short status update for the site. When I switched up the theme for the site back in 2014, I did so with the intent of making it more interaction friendly. That included threaded comments and the ability to subscribe to those comments. A couple of days ago I noticed that both the post subscription and comment subscription options had stopped working (the latter had completely disappeared). I dove into the backend to see what was causing the trouble and I think I’ve been able to fix it. Now when you go to a comment or reply there should be a box at the bottom that lets you choose to subscribe to the comment thread and be notified via e-mail if you would like to get updates.

    The other thing I noticed is that I was getting a lot of e-mail bounces for confirmation e-mails on subscriptions. I changed the e-mail for the site to a more Reptipage-specific e-mail, so that should no longer happen anymore.

    NOTE: If you do hit subscribe but still don’t see any confirmation e-mail come through (it should be near instantaneous), check your spam folder. I’ve found that there are quite a few e-mail providers that are autoblocking these confirmation e-mails. If that’s the case, just whitelist the e-mail sent from the site and that should fix the problem.